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Agenda: Week 8/19-23/19

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

1st Period: 8th Grade Science

Monday: Textbook sigh out // Finish If, then worksheet

Tuesday: About me/Student info due // review worksheet // Chapter 1 Vocab words

Wednesday: Chapter 1 lesson 1 Power point

Thursday: Finish Ch 1.1 power point // worksheet

Friday: Start Ch 1.2 power point

2nd Period: Biology

Monday: Prefix/root words // finish if, then worksheet // review Independent and Dependent Variable

Tuesday: About me/Student info due // Chapter 1 vocab words // read chapter 1

Wednesday: Chapter 1 Lesson 1 power point // section review

Thursday: Chapter 1.2 power point // worksheets

Friday: Review worksheets // finish 1.2 power point

3rd Period: Planning

4th Period: 6th Grade Science

Monday: Start Chapter 17 Vocab words

Tuesday: About me/Student info due //Finish Vocab words// Start Chapter 17 Lesson 1 power point // notes

Wednesday: Finish 17.1 power point // worksheet

Thursday: Worksheet Review // Start 17.2 power point

Friday: Finish 17.2 Power Point

5th Period: 7th Grade Science

Monday: Worksheet // Vocab Chapter 1

Tuesday: About me/Student info due // Finish Vocab // Start Chapter 1.1 PowerPoint

Wednesday: ****early release *****Continue with chapter 1.1 power point

Thursday: Worksheet 1.1 // Start 1.2 power point

Friday: Finish 1.2 power point

6th Period: STEM/Study Hall

Monday: Finish Footprint movie // group work with recycling ideas

Tuesday: Recycling discussion // Prep

Wednesday: No class

Thursday: Tinker boxes

Friday: Recycle box activity

7th Period: Agricultural

Monday: Group Planning project can’t

Tuesday: Finalize group projects and vote

Wednesday: No class

Thursday: Outside Ground/Garden Prep-day

Friday: Outside Ground/Garden Prep-day

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