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Distance Learning at MA

Our classrooms may be empty, but we are still here for you! Teachers have prepared packets with materials and assignments for all students to complete during the distance learning period. You can reach us by email for support or you can call the school at (352) 466-1090. Someone will be on campus Monday - Thursday from 10 AM to 2 PM to answer your calls and help your students with assignments. 

We will update families via phone, Facebook, and email as this situation develops. We miss you and hope that you are safe and healthy!

Teacher Contact Schedule

Mrs. Lowe-Phillips | M - Th |

Mr. Kline | M & T |

Mrs. Ricks | M& W |

Ms. Walker | (352) 234-3347 |

Mr. Washington | (352) 234-4149‬ |

Ms. Hamilton | (352) 559-5825 |

Call at school: (352) 466-1090

Call at Home:

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