Launching in 2018/2019

High School and select Middle School students who are accepted to Micanopy Academy's Agritechnology Program will gain invaluable vocational skills through the following classes:

This course will provide a foundation of agricultural history in the United States and across the globe.

Students will gain preliminary knowledge in:

  • Environmental Science

  • Biological Science

  • Physical Science

  • Emerging Technologies

  • Leadership Principles

  • Scientific Research

  • Agriscience Safety

  • Employability

Year 1: Agriscience Foundations 1

Year 2: Agritechnology 1

Designed to develop practical skill in agriscience industry careers through topics such as:

  • prevention and treatment of livestock diseases

  • livestock anatomy

  • animal reproduction and identification

  • animal safety and health 

  • plant growth and fertilization

  • safe use of pesticides

  • maintenance of tools and equipment

  • record keeping

Year 3: Agritechnology 2

Students will gain experience in a variety of highly employable skills such as:

  • welding

  • small gasoline engine service and repair

  • preventative maintenance procedures

  • irrigation system repair

  • refrigeration

  • new and emerging technologies

  • financial management skills